Home Design Ideas

Oct 042014
A Good Kitchen Layout

How To Do A Good Kitchen Layout – The Basics A good kitchen design is one that fulfils all the functions you require of it, and at the same time is aesthetically pleasing. Once you have gathered ideas and established […]

Oct 042014
Design Your Own Kitchen

How To Design Your Own Kitchen Using Templates Fitting the various individual components of the kitchen into your outline is an exact, and exacting, process in which guesswork shouldn’t feature. Prepare card or plastic cut-outs, or templates, of every major […]

Oct 042014
Kitchen Traffic Flow

How to Solve Kitchen Traffic Flow Problems The patterns of traffic through the kitchen should be taken into account when planning the new layout. Ideally, the traffic flow should not interfere with the work triangle. If this is unavoidable, however, […]

Oct 042014
How to Design an Open-plan Kitchen

The Open-plan Kitchen Option There was a time, not too long ago, when South African home owners were not overly concerned about the dimensions of their rooms. Nowadays, with construction costs – indeed all costs – spiralling, the emphasis is […]

Jul 222014
Looking for Clean, Fresh Air

All About Insulation and Ventilation for Clean, Fresh Air We all need fresh air to live, but how can we ensure that there is always fresh, clean air in the buildings that we live and work in? The answer lies […]

Jul 212014
Black Minimalist House

A Fashionable Black Minimalist House In fashion, black is the colour that will always get a load of attention and recognition because of its depth of colour can simply make people and the place they live look fashionable. In home […]

Nov 202013
A Dune House

A Small House in the Dunes Jetty and Maarten Min have lived for more than twenty years in a small bungalow with magnificent views that they promised themselves that they would do something stunning with “later”. The bungalow was situated […]

Nov 202013
Mountain Home

Creative Home Design This imposing house was designed by well-known international architect Giovanni D’Ambrosio and is set in the popular winter skiing region of Australian in the State of Victoria’s mountain countryside near Mount Hotham. To integrate the house with […]

Oct 162013
Landscaping Part 2

Landscaping Your Garden in Stages – Part 2 As we suggested in Landscaping Stage 1, it is usually not going to be possible to build in all the plants, features or utilities into a garden when you initially start to […]

Oct 152013
Landscaping Part 1

Landscaping Your Garden in Stages – Part 1 It is not usually possible to incorporate all the plants, features or facilities into landscaping your garden when you first build a house. These are items which will normally be completed over […]

Aug 222013
Container House

How to Build a Container House Mads Møller of Arcgency an Architectural office situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. Has come up with a container house concept as he says is  using “Old shipping containers used as the structural framework for the WFH-Huse. […]

Apr 092013
Good Ideas for home design

Innovative home design, building  and decorating ideas. This is where we will post a selection of good innovative building and home design ideas for you as well as decorating ideas for your house as we find them and pass them on. Western […]

Apr 092013
A Garden Structure

A garden structure is not just a wendy house. I am just going to post a few pictures of things in the garden including a wooden shed or two so that you can get a few good ideas. Here is […]

Feb 132013
Outdoor Spaces

Developing Outdoor Spaces for an Outdoor Lifestyle Whatever the size of your property, there will always be outdoor spaces – big or small – that need to be developed. This may be in the form of a verandah, patio or […]