Dec 172013
Home Safety

Your Home—Better Safe Than Sorry Common safety in the home must not be taken for granted. We list a few important pitfalls and some helpful advice and precautions to take to make your home a safer place to live in […]

Nov 152011
Fire Protection

What SANS 10400: Part T – Fire Protection Says What the Act Says Essentially the legislation is concerned quite simply with the need for all buildings to be designed, constructed and equipped so that in the event of fire: the occupants […]

Nov 152011

Safety is Paramount when it comes to Stairways-Part M It stands to reason that stairways must be safe. If stairs are too steep, and they don’t have railings, or if screens and balustrades are not strong and secure, people may […]

Nov 152011
Site Operations

Building Regulations that Relate to Site Operations – Part F Site operations must be carried out in a safe, responsible manner. It is for this reason that Part F: Site Operations of the National Building Regulations specifies how the public […]