Garden structures


Landscaping Your Garden We have divided this article into two sections: > Landscaping Your Garden in Stages – Part 1 & Landscaping Your Garden in Stages – Part 2 The reason for this is because when you build a new house, starting to landscape your garden from scratch is an …

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Planning and Building By-Law Definitions

By-Law Definitions for Planning, Building and Zoning These definitions are mainly, but not exclusively, extracted from the Greater Metropolitan Area of Cape Town’s By-Laws Planning and Zoning definitions and explanations. They do and can relate to terms and phrases used nationally by other Municipalities and planning departments. We will be …

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Build a Treehouse

Build a Treehouse the Easy Way This blog post is dedicated to Alexander (our boy who learnt to use a hammer at an early age) … and to Simon and his son Joshua (just because they built their own special December 2012 treehouse – which is what inspired me to write …

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