SANS10400-NBR (SA)

Apr 032013
Stormwater Disposal

Stormwater Disposal-Part R, What the Regulations Say Property owners are responsible for the removal of storm water from their property. They may NOT simply discharge excess water onto adjacent land or into the street unless this is permitted by neighbors […]

May 042012
Facilities for Disabled People

The Importance of Facilities for Disabled People in our Buildings-Part S The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act was amended and published by the Department of Trade and Industry in May 2008. Some parts of the Act were affected […]

Nov 172011
Structural Design

All buildings must have a strong, serviceable, stable and durable design-Part B Why do you suppose we need structural design professionals to be involved in every aspect of building processes? I’ve thought about this often, since we’ve done a load […]

Nov 162011

Every Room Must be Fit for Purpose-Part C The National Building Regulations (NBR) are not prescriptive when it comes to the size of rooms and buildings. However it is vital that the size of any room or space is fit […]

Nov 162011
General Principles & Requirements

Design, Planning and Supervision of All Construction Work Must Follow a Legal Process Each section of SANS 10400, the Code of Practice for The application of the National Building Regulations (NBR) is presented with the relevant extract from the building […]

Nov 152011
Fire Installation

National Building Regulations Part W – Fire Installation Part W of the SANS 10400 Building Regulations is intended to keep people and property safe in the event of a fire. These have to be inspected and approved by the local […]

Nov 152011
Space Heating

Chimneys, Flues, Hearths and Fireplaces Used for Space Heating-Part V Anyone searching through the National Building Regulations for information about chimneys and flues, hearths and fireplaces, might go straight to the part that deals with Fire Protection. The next step […]

Nov 152011
Refuse Disposal

Building Regulations Part-U Refuse Disposal Part-U of the SANS 10400 Refuse disposal states that ‘Any building, excluding a dwelling house’ that has refuse generated in that building will provide ‘adequate’ storage areas for rubbish containers. Over and above this the […]

Nov 152011
Fire Protection

What SANS 10400: Part T – Fire Protection Says What the Act Says Essentially the legislation is concerned quite simply with the need for all buildings to be designed, constructed and equipped so that in the event of fire: the occupants […]

Nov 152011
Non-Water-Borne Sanitary Disposal

Non-Water-Borne Waste Disposal-Part Q The SANS 10400-Part Q deals with the healthy handling and treatment of effluent when there is no water borne sewage system available in a particular area. Health is the major factor when it comes to effluent […]

Nov 152011

SANS 10400-Part P, Drainage, Plumbing, Sanitation and Water Disposal Drainage and plumbing is not only what you see above ground. All water, waste disposal, soils and stormwater have to be drained away and treated to maintain safety and health. In […]

Nov 152011
Lighting and Ventilation

Good Lighting and Ventilation is Vital for Healthy Living-Part O In terms of the National Building Regulations Part O, all habitable rooms, including bathrooms, showers and toilets (and interestingly enough garages!) must have some form of lighting and ventilation that […]

Nov 152011

Glazing and the Glass You Use for It-Part N Part N is the section on glazing in the National Building Regulations & Building Standards Act and is short and reasonably sweet. Essentially you need to be sure that any material […]

Nov 152011

Safety is Paramount when it comes to Stairways-Part M It stands to reason that stairways must be safe. If stairs are too steep, and they don’t have railings, or if screens and balustrades are not strong and secure, people may […]

Nov 152011
Roofs-Part L

Building Regulations as They Apply to Roofs-Part L When the South African National Building Regulations were updated by the Department of Trade and Industry in May 2008, the General Requirement relating to Roofs was changed to incorporate certain safety elements. […]

Nov 152011

Walls Support the Roof and other Loads-Part K The fundamental structure of a house is formed by its external walls, which must support the roof and take any other load that is built above. The section of the National Building […]

Nov 152011

Building Regulations that Apply to Floors-Part J The Application of the National Building Regulations that apply to floors (Part J of SANS 10400) are certainly not exhaustive. In fact, if you think of how much of our house is floor, […]

Nov 152011

Regulations for Foundations-Part H A Focus on Safety Foundations, Part H, of any structure, large or small, must be built to safely transmit all loads of the building to the ground. If foundations are not correctly built, walls may crack […]

Nov 152011

Safety and Stability When Doing Excavations Are Top Priorities – Part G Excavations are not always necessary when we build our homes, but it often is, even if the ground is reasonably flat and level. Part G of the National […]

Nov 152011
Site Operations

Building Regulations that Relate to Site Operations – Part F Site operations must be carried out in a safe, responsible manner. It is for this reason that Part F: Site Operations of the National Building Regulations specifies how the public […]

Nov 152011
Demolition Work

Site Safety during Demolition-Part E If you have to do some demolition work before you build, Part E is the section of the National Building Regulations that you need to familiarise yourself with. But really all it states is common […]

Nov 152011
Public Safety

Even at Home Public Safety is Paramount-Part D All home owners have a responsibility to people who visit their homes, or members of the public who are able to access their homes. According to the National Building Regulations we must […]