Dec 082013
Balustrade Installation

Ensure Your Balustrade System is Installed Correctly As it currently stands, the individual or professional company commissioning a balustrade sub-contractor has far more responsibility regarding their project than they realise. The Building Owner is responsible for ensuring that their project […]

Mar 062013
Detect Pipes and Cables

Water Pipes, Steel Reinforcing and Electric Cable Detector Even though instruments that detect pipes and cables have been around for a number of years, they are, I believe, under used. Pipe and cable detectors are indispensable tools for any contractors […]

Dec 032011
Are High Ceilings a Waste of Money?

Living in a House With High Ceilings Personally I enjoy living in a house with high ceilings. They add a sense of spaciousness, at the same time allowing a greater amount of air to circulate around the room. Although of […]