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How far from the boundary wall must I build?



We get a number of questions asking “How close to the boundary am I (or my neighbour) allowed to build?” The site plan above is a sample and is only a guide to the approximate building lines and distances that the Building Regulations allow a house as well as other out-buildings to be built. All the measurements on the plan are in metres and show the distance from a road at the bottom and at the top, from a public open space. You will also see that the side measurements that go on to the neighbours properties is less than that for the road and the open space.

We must point out that this is just a guide. All properties have their own characteristics and features and the boundary distances may vary. You MUST check with your local authority even before you have plans drawn up to avoid having to re-draw and re-submit the plans again and incur extra delays and costs. There are roads, public open spaces and servitudes that all have their own unique set of boundary requirements. If you want to build within the specified building lines you will have to apply for a waiver to the local planning department. They will, more than likely, require you to get your neighbours consent in writing before you can get approval .

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  1. My deed stipulates that the building line is 1.5m on the lateral sides of the property. I believe the building code states 2m.. which takes presidence as I had my design done due to my deed and now apparently I need permission from my neighbour. Please advise thanks

    • Hi Anne, The short story is whatever restrictions are the most limiting must be followed. In other words if the regulations say a building line is two (2) meters and the title deed says three (3) meters then the three (3) meter must be followed. On the other hand, if the title deed says one (1) meter and the regulations say two (2) then the two (2) takes preference. I hope this explains. So yes, you will need permission from your neighbour if you want to deviate.

  2. My neighbours have builded their house over the boundary line (a fence between me and him) without my consent..what must I do?

    • Hi Pule, You must contact the building inspector from your local municipality planning department and report it to them and they must inspect the build.

  3. I really didn’t know about the regulations (as the chairperson of the trustees said it would be no problem) and I didn’t on purpose want to do anything wrong, so I have already organized for the extra panels to be removed. Luckily it is a very short fence. I have lost some money, but at least now I shall be more aware concerning such regulations. Thanks for the helpful website!

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