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This lovely old building is the DeAar Town Hall and is situated in the Pixley Ka Seme District and is across the road from the Emthanjeni Local Municipality on Voortrekker Road
This lovely old building is the DeAar Town Hall and is situated in the Pixley Ka Seme District and is across the road from the Emthanjeni Local Municipality on Voortrekker Road


We get requests almost on a daily basis about “How do I  contact my local Municipality?”,  “Where is my local Authority?”, “Where do I take my plans?”, “Where can I contact the building Inspector?”

Well here is the most up to date National list that we can find. The list is also divided up into all the Provinces so just scroll down the pdf pages and find the Province then the Municipality that you live in and the contact details will be there. If you are not sure of the new Municipality name there is a list of all the old District names and towns with the new name of the Municipality and number next to it.

Please comment below if you would like us to display lists of any other features relating to Building Regulations.

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  1. Hi Janek

    I am looking for a demolition certificte and would like to know how I can get one? Also does it last for long or do I have to renew it everytime when I demolish something?


  2. Hi, I want to do some renovations in my kitchen and bathroom and add a room with bathroom and install a pool what will my steps be to start this ASAP and do you have contacts (inspectors, architects etc.)
    I am situated in the Springs area Gauteng

    • You will need to get a competent person to draw plans for you because plumbing is involved. However you might not need plans for the pool (the City of Jhb) doesn’t require them any more as far as I know. So your first step will be to talk to your municipality and double check what they require.

  3. Hi There,

    I am desperately looking for the contact numbers for the Building Inspector for Northcliff / Waterval Estates. Please please assist.


  4. 1. Can you please inform me of building operating times in a residential area?
    2. Our neighbours completely demolished their house 18 months ago and the end is not in sight. We have been patient up to now, but with Matric exams around the corner , we are starting to feel desperate. Last year they also worked right past the 15th Dec with the result we couldn’t use our pool or back yard !
    Live in Claremont, Cape Town

  5. My daughter is finishing university at the end of the year. My house in Blaigowrie is tiny so I want to convert my garage/domestic room/toilet into a flatlet for her and add a double garage. My house only covers 15 % of the property.
    The ‘draughtsman’ that’s drawing up the plans keeps coming up with ‘Blaigowrie by-law reasons’ why certain things cannot be done. I’ve lived here for 8 years and have noticed the alterations and extensions that have been done in the suburb.
    Mine isn’t anything as large or extensive as those. I’m beginning to think this draughtsman has no idea what he’s doing.
    Can you refer me to a site where I can check on what’s allowed and what isn’t.

  6. Hi
    I would like to know how can I obtain existing plans for my house? I would like to build on and need these.
    Thanking you

    • Michelle you should be able to get them from your local authority – unless they have been lost! Alternatively you may have to track down the original owner.

  7. Subject:
    Engineer’s form 4
    please can you tell me where I go to download this form.
    Thanks V. Mugnai

    • Hi V Mugnai, The engineer that signs the plan approval must have the form. If you go to your local council planning departmant the will have the full selection of forms needed for plan approval.

  8. Subject:
    Maximum allowed office size

    Good day
    We would like to know what the maximum office size is allowed on a residential premises please.

    • Tarryn this is not covered by the building regulations. Your local authority will be able to advise if you are allowed to operate from an office on a residential property and whether there are any m size constraints.

  9. How and where do I raise my concerns about an illegal commune in my neighbourhood _ Florida.

    • With your local authority – City of Johannesburg. I am not sure which department, but it could be covered by the Building Regulations because they govern class of occupancy – which in turn governs numbers etc.

  10. Subject:
    Building on Sectional Titles
    Good day,
    I am interested on buying a sectional title piece of land on a smallholing and would like to know what the regulations is for building on sectional title small holdings in the Free Sate. Will I be able to build a few flats on this piece of land? Any advice or re-direction is much appreciated. Thank you,

    • Nadine it depends largely on the zoning of the land, and what the local authorities allows. I suggest that you contact their planning department for advice.

  11. please tell me to whom one would direct a complaint about razor wire in reisidential areas in Claremont? Thanks

  12. Where can I check if part of Jan Smuts Avenue will be considered for business or office use?
    My client property is at 443 Jan Smuts Avenue.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Dieter,
      You do not say where the property is. There are two, one in Centurion and one in Randburg and they fall under different municipalities. Get hold of the relevant municipality and they are the only one’s that can tell you about business zoning. The contact numbers can be found here: municipality-contact

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