Refuse Disposal

Building Regulations Part-U Refuse Disposal

Refuse truck
The Local Authority busy with a weekly garbage removal.

Part-U of the SANS 10400 Refuse disposal states that ‘Any building, excluding a dwelling house’ that has refuse generated in that building will provide ‘adequate’ storage areas for rubbish containers.

Over and above this the planning and building must provide access from the street so that the containers can be removed.



All waste removals from a dwelling house are covered by the relevant Local Authority and or Regional By-Laws. The Regulation also mentions chutes that are used to dispose waste into a container, that they must be designed to be safe ‘in operation’.




refuse storage
A neat rubbish and waste storage facility at a shopping center, with easy access for the disposal trucks.


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  1. Good Day

    what does the law require from us regarding fire safety, we have all necessary equipment inside the workshop and offices, is it a must to have a hydrant if there are not one close by, and how do one go about installing one if it is required by law.

  2. I suggest you contact your local authority.

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