Building Regulations Part 1

Building Regulations Section 1: Part A to Part H


As there are a total 23 Parts to the SANS 10400 Building Regulations we have divided them into three sections to improve the ease of navigation.

The order in which the different Parts of the regulations are displayed follows the same order as the regulations themselves as they are published.

General Principal and Requirements-Part A,

Structural Design-Part B,

Dimensions-Part C,

Public Safety-Part D,

Demolition Work-Part E,

Site Operations-Part F,

Excavations-Part G,

Foundations-Part H



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  1. Hi I would like to find out who to contact, we are renting and the owner doesnt what to fix the lapa, the lapa is def not up to standard and is a danger to my family, its build directly to and on the roof of the house and is busy falling over and the chimney is very low and have no spark catchers and the neighbour are worried that the house is going to catch fire because its hanging over their wall.

    • You could try contacting the municipality and expressing your concerns to them. They would be in a position to demand that the owner does the necessary repairs and maintenance.

  2. Hi,

    What is the reason staff quarters can’t be bigger than 40sq.m?

    • There is no limit on size of any living quarters. The limit on size would arise if you have reached the density percentage for your proterty. This means that you are going over the amount of square meters that you are allowed to build on on your erf. All properties are governed by by-laws and they all have their own unique amount that is allowed.

  3. Belinda Daymond

    Good Day.

    New owners – one street away from the beach have bought a “shell” from the previous owner who demolished the dwelling to foundations. The “shell” has been an eyesore for 10 months and only recently have the new owners started to build – albeit slowly. Some residents maintain the new owner must build quickly or sell the property – many are aghast as – as the walls go up the structure is not appealing – they say that the residents never signed off the plans. I say – private owned , owner is a foreigner as his cash flow improves so he builds – so what – if private residence , I have no jurisdiction to sign off plans or interfere as long as the Council regulations have been complied with by owner . If there is compliance what are neighbours entitled to complain about ? Structure is a two – story building.

    • Normally a home builder has one year in which to complete the building of a dwelling from the time that the plans were approved. Time extensions can be applied for after this and reasons for the delay must be given. So long as the building is within the allowed building lines then no permission is required from any of the neighbours. As you say council regulations have been complied with otherwise he would not have recieved permission to start building. If he has moved away from the approved plan and is building something not approved then a complaint can be made. As for the “eyesore” you can approach the council on the basis that it is an eyesore and see what their reaction is.

  4. 08.09.2014

    Hi Anybody who can help.

    I’ve submitted plans on behalf of a client to council with a Double storey House and Proposed Granny flat situated
    at the back of the erf beyond the 3.0m building lines ,1500mm away from one side and the rear boundary
    and 0m to the remaining side boundary lines…Linear m requirements are that it should be within or on the
    3000m building lines.
    Land Use Management ask for neighbor’s consent which we did obtain with a few of objections from
    the adjoining neighbor’s one being the building’s to high on the boundary 3700mm above ngl ..should it be 3300 or 4000? they also say that the house is too high…at 7700 to the roof ridge which should be not higher than 8000 above natural ground level according to the NBR
    please advise

    • This is not a National Building Regulations matter but it is a local authority requirement of their specific zoning by-laws. If that is what they require then you will have to comply or ask for a waiver.

  5. Hi,
    should for example, a drawing call for a room size of 3m x 6m – is there a regulation that talks to allowable deviations from these measurements?


    • Hi Louis, ANY deviation from the approved plan will need a rider plan with the amendments, plus any others, to be submitted to your council once building has finished. You might not an occupation certificate until these have been approved. You should check this with your local council.

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