Landscaping Your Garden


We have divided this article into two sections:


Landscaping Your Garden in Stages – Part 1


Landscaping Your Garden in Stages – Part 2

The reason for this is because when you build a new house, starting to landscape your garden from scratch is an enormous task. Plants need to be given a chance to grow and establish themselves before you will begin to feel you are really getting results. However, after a short while, a well laid out plan will give you an idea, as to how the landscaping is shaping up.

By dividing the landscaping into two stages you will have the opportunity, if need be, to alter your initial plan without having spent a lot of money up front. When the plants start getting to a reasonable size, you will be able to assess practically if the final layout is going to work for you. If you think it is, then you can start on the second phase.

As we see landscaping as such a big investment into any property, we will be adding more content to assist you with your landscaping and gardening efforts. Remember that this investment usually adds greatly to the value of your property so we will put forward ideas and how-tos to help you grow your biggest asset… and hopefully have some fun along the way  🙂

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