Nov 202013

A Small House in the Dunes


Jetty and Maarten Min have lived for more than twenty years in a small bungalow with magnificent views that they promised themselves that they would do something stunning with “later”. The bungalow was situated on the sand dunes in Bergen-aan-Zee in North Holland. Then one day Jetty decided that “later” had arrived. This small coastal town now has a beautiful architect designed home that on one side overlooks the village and on the other side the sea.

The design is modern and blends in with the local architectural styles that already in exist in the area whilst setting a high standard of craftsmanship.

Starting with the existing bungalow which was built on one level, they decided that very little of the original style would remain but that the foundation and floor size would remain the same. All the ideas flowed from there.  There were a few modifications along the way to keep the neighbours and the local municipal officials happy. One being the height restrictions. The side facing the complaining neighbor was reduced. Local environmental factors such as the sea breeze and the view were amongst the things that changed the design of the building. As an extra they reduced their carbon footprint by installing solar panels, a heat pump , and insulation.


The final result is a neat and compact villa that they can be proud of. The contrast between the interior and exterior is interesting with the solid exterior opposed to the light and surprisingly spacious interior. Every facade of the home has it’s own character making this a highly unusual house. They can be contacted via their website here:


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