Tshwane Town Planning Scheme 2008

The Town Planning Scheme  for the Tshwane Region 2008

The Union Buildings from above in the Tshwane Municipal area.
The Union Buildings from above in the Tshwane Municipal area.

We have included these Tshwane Planning Scheme Regulations to assist you with accessing the the correct information so that you can make the right decisions when it comes to planning any construction, building and renovation or the purchase of property with developement in mind.

This Town Planning Scheme applies to all properties within the municipal boundaries of the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, and is established in terms of section 18 of the Town planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986.

Part 1 contains general information, including the date when the zoning scheme became operative and the areas that were consolidated into the new scheme.
Part 2 Refers to Streets, Buildings and Building Restriction Areas and covers Closed Streets and prohibition of access. Building Lines in the New Townships and on Subdivisions and Canopies in front of Building Lines. Land for streety widening is addressed and Building Restriction Areas (Table A)
Part 3 “Use of Buildings and Land” specifies what land and buildings in the various areas are to be used for. Permission from the Municipality and other Consent is dealt with in this part.
Part 4 deals with General Conditions applicable to all properties as well as Detrimental Soil Conditions. The Conditions applicable to Residential Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 Erven are listed separately as well as Conditions applicable to a Public Garage. The important rules for Floor Area Ratios (FAR), Height of Buildings and Coverage is pointed out.
Part 5 Parking and Loading Facilities sizes and limits are covered.
Part 6 “Amenity in and of the Environment and Appearance of Buildings” refers to the Aesthetic Considerations with regards to Site Development Plan and Landscape Development Plan
Part 7 Are General Conditions.
Part 8 Gives all the Schedules under 22 chapters.
Finally there is  a list of tables that are referred to in the various chapters and a list of Annexures.

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  1. Hi Penny,

    We are a practice based in South of Joburg.
    I need to follow the progress of a submitted plan on line….. if you have such a facility or link!! The Plan was submitted on 23/03/2016.The Stand is in Eldoraigne…. stand 4560 x67 (480m2)
    In order save me a trip to Pretoria, may I please ask you to direct me to the correct channels on line to check on the progress of the submitted plan….
    Thanking you in advance.
    Yunus Mayet

    • Hi Yunus, The only municipality that I know of that has online tracking of plan approval is in the Western Cape. In Joburg you will have to phone or go in personally. Maybe this will come in line with the Cape with the DA now in charge.

  2. Patrick Vd Hof

    Hi Penny,i live in one of a leafy suburbs in Pretoria, when I purchased the house, found that my back-opposite neighbor has dig a hole on a concrete slabs wall fence to let the storm water into my yard and that has let one of my big tree in the yard to fall and the hole passage towards the street.I have tried to close the hole on the wall and I later find out that he opened it again.What must I do ?

    • What your neighbour has done is totally illegal. Please read this article for further information and/or obtain a copy of SANS 10400-R, Stormwater Disposal from the SABS. It’s only about eight pages long.

  3. Hi Penny,
    I would like to run a small business from my home in Claremont Pretoria. Where can I find out if my house is zoned for business as the previous tenants ran a business from here.
    Thank you,

  4. Hi Penny, thank you for a remarkable website. I live in the Tshwane area in a house that does have existing and legit building plans. I would like to convert the servant quaters to a single-room flat with one bathroom and small kitchen. The floor area will not be extended, only some inside walls will be changed and a window enlarged.
    1. Do I need new building plans for this?
    2. My title deed restrict my property to only one dwelling. What factors of my new flat will constitute me to apply for a second dwelling for my property? Some people say it is the moment you add a kitchen, others say the floor area determines it, while others mentioned that it is when you ad an oven? I cannot get a concrete rule for this in the Tshwane town planning scheme either.


    • Yes Lassie you do need plans … and if your title deed restricts you to one dwelling you won’t be allowed to build a flat. It isn’t floor area that determines this, and I doubt that simply having a second oven would constitute a second dwelling. But clearly if there is a kitchen, bathroom and living room/bedroom etc – and a separate entrance it would become a second dwelling. Allowable floor area is determined by the Council zoning scheme.

  5. I leave in Pretoria and my neighbour started building outside rooms last year. She has no plans and the property is not zoned for business. She just recently started building more rooms. Her tenants through bottles of beer in front of my yard. This will definitely reduce the value of my house. How do I stop all this.

  6. Hi Penny

    i have already build 3 rooms in my yard in my township to get extra imcome without notifying the municipality how do i go about by asking the mucipality to rezone my ERF and get the approval from them

    • You have a problem and it isn’t just rezoning. First and foremost you are going to have to have as-built plans drawn up and hope that the council will pass them.

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