Cape Town Zoning Scheme

City of Cape Town Zoning Scheme Regulations


We have included this Cape Town Zoning Scheme Regulations document to assist you with accessing the the correct information so that you can make the right decisions when it comes to planning any construction, building and renovation or the purchase of property with developement in mind. This Town Planning Scheme applies to all properties within the municipal boundaries of the City of Cape Town, as determined by the Municipal Demarcation Board.


Chapter 1 contains introductory information, including the date when the zoning scheme became operative and the area to which it relates. The components of the zoning scheme and general purposes of zoning are described.
Chapter 2 deals with certain procedures and requirements relating to applications, decisions, conditions of approval, transitional provisions and methods of correcting errors on the zoning map.
Chapter 3 deals with general principles relating to the zoning and use of property, describing the difference between primary uses and consent uses. It also makes reference to uses not permitted and describes how temporary land uses should be dealt with.

The Zoning Categories covered are:
Single Residential Zones
General Residential Zones
Community Zones
Local Business Zones
General Business and Mixed Use Zones
Industrial Zones
Utility, Transport and National Port Zones
Open Space Zones
Agricultural, Rural and Limited Use Zones

You must download the Zoning Scheme Map Overlays (Part 2)
and read them in conjunction with the Part 1 document below.
Download: “Cape Town Zone Scheme_Regulations_Nov_2012_Part 2”

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  1. pierre jordaan

    are maps available online which demarcate zoning areas? thx

  2. Hi Pierre,
    What area are you in? Yes there are Zone maps, let me know and I will give you a link.

  3. Hi Pierre,
    A quick update. Your comment was posted on the Cape Town page so if it is the Cape Town maps that you want then go to our download-regulations page and scroll to “Cape Town Zone Scheme_Regulations_Nov_2012_Part2” this has all the Cape Town Zone overlays.

  4. gerald romanovsky

    how does one get permission to build two kitchens on a large erf to accomodate elderley parents

  5. Gerald it depends on the zoning and various local authority regulations. For instance some will allow you to build two separate dwellings each with a kitchen, while others may require you to have the two living areas joined. The factor of having two kitchens shouldn’t be a problem though – you will just have to get a competent person to draw up plans.

  6. Hi Everyone

    Can you tell me which particular regulations apply to building an energy efficient dome house in Cape town please? I want to be sure that my new home corresponds to all the bulding regulations requirements.

    Thank you

  7. Naude Visser

    Where do i find Part1 of the regulations?

  8. Naude – what do you mean?

  9. Peter, All the regulations apply to a dome house, however you will need an “agrément certificate that confirms fitness-for-purpose of a non-standardized product, material or component or the acceptability of the related non-standardized design and the conditions pertaining thereto (or both) issued by the Board of Agrément South Africa”. These certificates are covered in Part A of SANS 10400, General Principles and Requirements

  10. Subject:
    Regulations to build cattery cages

    Good day, I am trying to find out what the regulations are to build a boarding cattery in Constantia Cape Town. Would you be able to assist?
    Thank you.

  11. Tracey unfortunately we can’t help you. This would be covered by the local bylaws – so you will need to contact the City of Cape Town. Alternatively the SPCA might have some information that would help you.

  12. jo stockford

    building to rent out

    Hi there,
    We have just bought a smallholding on the outskirts of Stellenbosch and are looking to put 3 Nutec houses on the property for people wishing to rent from us and experience the ‘lifestyle Living’ option.
    Is this legally allowed? What are our options with regards to housing we can put on the property and the type allowed? As far as I understand, if it is fixed ie. foundations, it needs planning permission – but if it is classified as ‘temporary’ it is acceotable?
    It is 4.2 hectares and there is currently only 2 one bed ‘workers’ cottages on the premises.
    Please help – we have looked on the internet everywhere and cant find the correct info relevant to us.
    Kind Regards

  13. Jo, Here is a link to an article that covers temporary structures. You need permission for temporary structures of any type, and they may only be erected for a specified period of time. Every form of building that anyone is going to use – from shops and offices to hospitals and homes – must have approved plans from the local authority. Further, every type of building requires footings or foundations of some sort. Nutec is simply a cladding that is used for timber frame houses.

  14. Can a garage be built on a servitude line?

  15. Colleen it depends what type of servitude it is and what the distance is from the boundaries etc. The local authority will need to give approval either way.

  16. If a retaining wall is built along a boundary wall to support a driveway is this counted as part of the house? I ask because the driveway will be street level and the house below. Our plans are to build the house 1,5m from the boundary and the house will be less than 40% of the boundary length which is within legal parametres. However, if the retaining wall driveway is included in that length measurement then we exceed that 40%. I can’t find an information to provide clarity on this. Any advice or resources you can give would be appreciated. Thanks.

  17. I hope that I understand what you are asking. The 40% is the see through visibility from the street not the length or the amount of brickwork. The person drawing your plans should know the by-laws and will tell you.

  18. Reinhardt Benade

    Hi Peter – If you are interested, we own the patent to these Igloo Concrete Dome homes, as well as the Agrement certification, and are based in the Cape. You can contact me on 0828299915. Reinhardt

  19. Hi, My question might be completely unrelated to the above topic, but its the only forum that seems to be answering questions. CoCT website not user friendly.

    To which municipality should I go to get house plans, for Thornton resident. Please advise.


  20. Hi Lee-Ann, I am not sure if there is a planning depatrment office in Pinelands, the best is to contact the CoCT and ask them, the number is 860 103 089

  21. Can you please tell when the hours that builders are allowed to work? Weekdays and week-ends. Thanks.
    I’d also like to know how far from the boundary line a structure must be in Bantry Bay.

  22. Hi
    My church is in the process of buying a property in an industrial area in order to convert it into a place of worship (church building). My question is,what do we need to do before an application to rezone can be approved by the municipality

  23. Contact your local authority for advice. This is not a simple NBR issue.

  24. Part F of SANS 10400 Site Operations specifies times.
    Boundary lines will be on your title deed.

  25. Hi
    In 2007 I bought a house in Vredehoek from a business, when wanting to sell the house now it doesn’t indicate that it is zoned for business..only residential when the estate agent has done a search. Is there anyway of finding out the history of a houses zoning to know whether the company operating from the premises previously had the correct zoning rights?
    Thanks very much.

  26. Hi

    I own an old building in a heritage overlay area.

    Do I need a heritage architect to submit my plans?

  27. The City of Cape Town’s Planning Department should be able to help you.

  28. Any professionally registered architect can submit an application to Heritage Western Cape. A heritage specialist is not a requirement.

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