SA Confirms Commitment to Net-Zero Emission by 2050

wind turbines sunset

The South African Government has confirmed its commitment to net-zero emission by 2050, even though it continues to rely on coal for the bulk of its energy needs.  This is what President Cyril Ramaphosa said in his 2021 State of the Nation Address (SONA) about net-zero emissions and renewable energy, …

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Reduce Your Energy Costs by 90%

You Can Reduce Your Energy Costs by up to 90% After signing up for “My Green Home” four years ago the Makalima-Ngewana family family saw their house in the middle-class suburb of Pinelands (a suburb of Cape Town) retrofitted with energy saving LED lights, low-flow showerheads and roof-top solar panels, …

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Energy Usage & Sustainability (SANS 10400X & XA)

Environmental Sustainability & Energy Usage in Buildings-Part X & XA In 2011, in an endeavour to make our buildings more sustainable, and to decrease energy usage in South Africa, a new part was added to SANS 10400, The application of the National Building Regulations. Part X deals with environmental sustainability, …

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Fenestration Calculations

Fenestration and Glazing Guidelines, Procedures and Calculations. The guidelines featured in the pdf below give an idea to anyone wanting to calculate the Fenestration Compliance Procedures in terms of Sans 10400-XA:2011 and SANS 204:2011, what is required and what is involved. There is a step-by-step guide to area (nett floor) …

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Detect Pipes and Cables

Water Pipes, Steel Reinforcing and Electric Cable Detector Even though instruments that detect pipes and cables have been around for a number of years, they are, I believe, under used. Pipe and cable detectors are indispensable tools for any contractors in the building industry from plumbers to electricians, and installers …

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Cool Roofs

Cool Roofs Reduce Energy Bills by up to 70 percent On site research proves that it is possible to save as much as 70 percent on energy with a “cool roof”. This is because cool roofs reduce roof temperatures by reflecting heat and sunlight away from the building. This is …

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