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Three stages of building; Foundations, Construction and Finishing
Three stages of building; Foundations, Construction and Finishing

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  1. Chrisna Holtzhausen

    Hi Jane, my neighbor wants to build a balcony onto his house. The house is already on the building line. The balcony will be going out from the first floor, hanging over the building line of his property. I do not understand the way architects write reports stating that this should be seen as a open balcony/stoep where building lines should not apply as it is seen as paving or concrete slabs and it will have no roof so the lateral sides will nor be important. Please advise where I can find legislation regarding balconies building over building lines in South Africa.


  2. Hi I’m looking for very specific regulation I don’t know we’re to ask can some1 pls help

  3. The regulations are all available from the SABS – phone them.

  4. You should lodge an objection with the local authority.

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