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  1. Pro’s and con’s of howe?

    • Hi Zenta, It all depends on your house design and the type of truss that is required for your needs. Here is a extract that may help:
      There are many roof truss types and variations including Arch Frame, Belgian, Bowstring, Dropped Chord, Gambrel, Hip Step-down, Howe, Parallel Chord, Pratt Bottom Chord, Pratt Top Chord, Raised Heel, Scissor, Semi Howe, Slope Frame and Warren.

      Each type of roof truss offers pros and cons and is designed to suit specific structural and aesthetic purposes. It is important to understand the different types of roof trusses when designing a new home, doing major remodeling or a room addition. This will help match the look and function of your home’s roof to the correct roof truss type and design.

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