Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools May be Built Many Different Ways

Most Swimming Pool Companies Specialise in One Pool Construction Method, but which one is the Best for You?

Swimming pools may be built in a myriad of shapes and size, and they can be constructed using a variety of different methods. The question is which type of pool is most suitable for you, your family and your site?

If you are not sure which type of pool construction method will best suit your site, approach two or three NSPI pool builders and ask them for advice. List the pros and cons of each and ask if you can see examples of pools they have built on similar sites. They will be able to show you photographs and might be able to organize for you to visit a couple of pools.

Before you commit yourself to a contract, consider all the options. These are:

  • gunite
  • concrete
  • fibreglass
  • vinyl

Also consider size and style, as well as shape.

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