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Part X – Environmental Sustainability


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  1. Does the building code (especially for public buildings) have standards that address the risks associated with extreme climate-related events, such as hailstorms, flooding, lightning, wildfires (buildings located on the urban edge) and high winds?

  2. SANS 10400-XA (2011) The application of the National Building Regulations Part X: Environmental sustainability & Part XA: Energy usage in buildings (which are “new” parts of SANS 10400) add to climate-related factors that must be taken into account when building. However I don’t know whether they take these factors specifically into account.
    In terms of SANS 10400, Part T deals with fire protection. Many of the other parts explain how to build so that floods, fire, wind and so on do not damage the structure.
    SANS 10313 (2010) Protection against lightning – Physical damage to structures and life hazard – is lightning specific. There may be other SANS that relate specifically to other risks – I suggest you contact the SABS and ask them.

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