Energy Usage & Sustainability (SANS 10400X & XA)

Environmental Sustainability & Energy Usage in Buildings-Part X & XA In 2011, in an endeavour to make our buildings more sustainable, and to decrease energy usage in South Africa, a new part was added to SANS 10400, The application of […]

Fenestration Calculations

Fenestration and Glazing Guidelines, Procedures and Calculations. The guidelines featured in the pdf below give an idea to anyone wanting to calculate the Fenestration Compliance Procedures in terms of Sans 10400-XA:2011 and SANS 204:2011, what is required and what is […]

Glass and Glazing as a Construction Element

Glazing for Safety and Security Glazing is a vital construction element in our homes and other buildings. It is important to know how to use the right type of glass, in the right place, to make sure that our buildings […]

Lighting and Ventilation

Good Lighting and Ventilation is Vital for Healthy Living-Part O In terms of the National Building Regulations Part O, all habitable rooms, including bathrooms, showers and toilets (and interestingly enough garages!) must have some form of lighting and ventilation that […]

Nov 152011

Glazing and the Glass You Use for It-Part N Part N is the section on glazing in the National Building Regulations & Building Standards Act and is short and reasonably sweet. Essentially you need to be sure that any material […]

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