Outdoor Spaces

Developing Outdoor Spaces for an Outdoor Lifestyle

Outdoor spaces
A colonial-style porch looks out over a leafy courtyard.

Whatever the size of your property, there will always be outdoor spaces – big or small – that need to be developed. This may be in the form of a verandah, patio or porch, or it might be a garden that needs to be landscaped and planted.

In addition there may be garden structures that you want to include in your outdoor spaces.

While it is important to have some idea of what to do with outdoor spaces, owner builders often leave the construction of garden structures, paving of patios, and landscaping until the end of the project. One good reason to do this is to get rid of builder’s rubble and building materials before you tackle these important outdoor spaces.

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  1. Hi Penny. Does a person need plans to cover an open patio? This is in Port Elizabeth. Don’t know if one can put up a roof without plans?


  2. Hi, my house have an old balistrade (wooden) that i want to fix and upgrade.

    Do I need a plan for this?

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